The main objectives of the Loup & District Historical Society is as follows:

  • • Identify & document the main items of historical interest in The Loup and surrounding district extending to Ballyronan and Ballymulderg
  • • Document the various forts, crannogs, old castles, mills, cemeteries etc. This would extend to the social history of schools, churches and lifestyles/homes and workplaces of the local population.

The Group is newly formed in January 2019 and has held its inaugural AGM and has become active in researching, discussing and documenting local historical interest subjects.

We have formed a new Loup & District Historical Society with the aim of recording and detailing our shared local history. We are aiming to do a series of research projects on items of local historical interest and document our findings in a series of books/events. We have a small local committee and are involving the entire community in helping us research our first project(s). We aim to hold a series of historical talks/events on local archaeology, buildings, ways of life, old schools, churches, market days, hiring fairs etc and to produce our own booklets/books so that some of our lost history will be recorded.

Our ongoing projects will contribute greatly to the development of culture and heritage within our local community by recording for future generations lost stories, legends, historical facts, tales and detailing items of historical or cultural significance such as churches, ring forts, old abandoned buildings, famous local characters as well all figures from our troubled past. We feel that this type of historical society has been absent from our local area and we are reassured that we can develop several significant historical projects going forward.